Friday, 27 January 2012

Embroidery Brief!

Here are a few bits from my latest work from uni :)
My theme was about comfort and all things nice, and i designed 4 childrens dresses from it.
Hope you like!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Special Nephew!

Just a bit of randomness now! My big sister is having a little boy this May and i wanted to make her something special for him! I came up with this :)

Do you like? Its also full of baby clothes! soooo cute :)

Valentines Last Year

Last minute work experience to create some valentines cards to be sold at a fair!

 I still have them if anyone wants one for this Valentines day haha!


Next up is my Final Major Project from my final year at newcastle! It was an open project so i based mine on sea life! I created a range of wallpaper (yes with fish on it) and i think it looked pretty cool :) I also made final cushion which i will upload the photos of but seem to have misplaced my wallpaper! will upload as soon as i find :)

Enjoy :)

Vegas Wedding Suit

Here is my final suit design from when i studied in newcastle! its based on Vegas slot machines! I wanted to have fun with this work so i did, and made it as wild as possible :) hope you like!

bit crazy eh?

Update :)

Hiiii :) Was thinking i might need to get this blog up and running again so i have looked through my work and picked out some bits and bobs i want to put on here!

Here it goes!