Saturday, 25 February 2012

Paris 2012

So recently i went on a university trip to Paris to attend the Indigo trade fair! I was really happy that all my work was picked to be exhibited there!!!

Anyway, we visited the show for one day, giving us 3 days to explore Paris! I loved the place (except for the lack of accessibility) and would love to go back in the summer! I visited galleries, ate in little cafes, and explored the outside world of Paris (including their reckless driving skills). I may have nearly got killed on crossing when the green man said so, but hey, im back in one piece :)

First place im going to blog is my trip up the Eiffel Tower...... (i will do others over the up coming days)

arriving on the first day in central Paris! soooo excited and the first thing we see is the Eiffel :) 

standing in the que under the Eiffel Tower, not realising there was a special que for people like me! happy days getting to go to the front and not freeze!


                                                          View from the top!

I shall put a different experience from my Paris trip on tomorrow.....

Toodles :)